Greg Elin
Greg Elin is a Web and data application developer working at the intersection of massively distributed data and user experience. He lives in Washington, DC, and Vermont. Most recently, he was the Chief Evangelist for Sunlight Foundation, where he was routinely quoted in the media about technology and transparency. He created the Sunlight Labs back in 2006 where he implemented and promoted Web service APIs for data. He also created Fotonotes, an open source Web-based image annotation tool that has been widely adopted.
Recent Writings
  • Data Heresy -June 2009
  • Reviewing May 2009 National Dialogue on Recovery IT -Sunlight Blog, May 2009
  • Rise of and the Virtuous Cycle of Transparency Innovation -Sunlight Blog, March 2009
  • Looking to Help "The Man", Turning in My Chief Evangelist Badge -Sunlight Blog, April 2009
  • Yes We Can…Use Comments, Web Services on Government Web Sites -Sunlight Blog, December 2008
  • Technology Patterns for Increasing Transparency -August 2008
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